OG已通过其社交媒体正式宣布,他们两次赢得TI弗拉纳·塞巴斯蒂安“Ceb”Debs将恢复活跃的Dota 2阵容。

“The cold-headed offlane player of a lifetime, the unmatched starving will of OG, the lakad matatag god is back in the game,” OG mentioned in their official blog while describing the return of 塞卜 to the game.

塞卜 will be taking the place of Syed Sumail “SumaiL”哈桑(Hassan),已从OG中撤职。

OG describes 塞卜’s competitiveness as the prime reason behind his return to the team. “I honestly kinda take offense in the simple fact that other teams think that they can beat us”, 塞卜 told OG.

塞卜 also seems to have missed playing with his friends more than anything, “Every game they play in which I’m not playing felt like a waste of my time. I enjoy playing with them more than anything else”, 塞卜 said.

OG还没有忘记通过他们的社交媒体向Sumail告别,“ Sumail是世界上最好的播放器之一,也是一个很棒的合作伙伴。我们要感谢他在我们这里度过的时间,并祝他一切顺利。”

更新的OG名册将包括Yeik“MidOne”奈郑(Topias Miikka)“Topson”塞巴斯蒂安Taavitsainen“Ceb” Debs, Martin “Saksa” Sazdov, Johan “N0tail”松德斯坦。可以在7月27日的Dota Pit锦标赛中现场观看OG的新名单。